At Special Tool & Engineering, our in-house tooling, design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to have complete control over cost and timing, time savings and quick response when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your projects. We offer a wide range of tooling applications from rapid prototype, to aluminum and hardened steel.

We have experience in all grades of metal tooling such as various grades of aluminum, alumold options and steel. Our vast area of expertise in temporary and long term tooling applications consisting of hand load mechanisms and production integrated mechanisms make us an industry leader.

Special Tool has the experience and background when it comes to the manufacturing of aluminum. We add crush ribs to protect parting lines, insert potential wear areas, and have the industry knowledge of material costs and performance advantages.

We have the capability to design and build any project, at any stage. We also have great and long-lasting relationship with texture providers such as Tenibac and Mold Tech. You can trust us with the quality and attentive care your tooling project requires.

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