Niche Applications

Among our many areas of expertise, we also excel at our niche services.

Some of our niche services that are available include:

  • Insert molding—encapsulated plastic over steel and other plastics. This is great not only just for function, lubricity and sealant, but also for appearance and touch. Special Tool & Engineering has 20 years of experience with interior trim for the automotive industry.
  • Vinyl and leather wrapped products such as I/P topper pads and door panel trims.
  • In-mold decorative films consisting of console trims, door trims and I/P trims.
  • Different assembly options such as heat stake, ultrasonic welding and manual fasteners.

We also have complete production and prototyping capabilities. At Special Tool, we have the trusted employees and knowledge that makes us experts in the engineering, design and tooling manufacturing industry.



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