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Choosing a quality injection mold maker is critical for a successful production. The most professional injection mold makers provide a total solution from the very beginnings of the design all the way through mass production. 

Being able to reach customer service promptly is also important to the production process. The likelihood of reaching someone in customer service in the United States during the same daytime hours is higher. Not to mention, the turnaround time for products is much faster when the mold maker is based and items are produced in the same country. Special Tool & Engineering is conveniently located in the United States, and we make our molds in-house. 

What Is a Plastic Injection Mold?

Plastic injection molds are used for producing a wide array of plastic parts, most often for mass production. There are many different kinds of plastic and plastic combinations that are available to use in the molding process. The plastic is heated to its material-specific melt temperature and then injected into a metal mold. The material then cools and is removed from the mold. 

Most plastic injection molds are used to create smaller plastic parts that are mass-produced in great quantity. Because plastic has some limitations in the complexity and aesthetic of the finished product, the parts are usually relegated to internal working parts. However, molds can also be used for more innovative purposes depending on the design. 

To save clients time and money, we make all of our molds in-house. By doing this, we can hasten the design and prototyping sequences. Identifying flaws and correcting them in real-time is beneficial and cost-effective. The testing phase provides insight into the performance of the product and is an integral step. 

How To Choose a Plastic Injection Mold Maker?

Choosing a plastic injection mold maker can be challenging. With so many different makers on the market, it is difficult to know what to look for and how to decide which is best. 

The first thing to look for when choosing a plastic injection mold maker is location. Determine whether or not molds are made on location. Having the tools and equipment to offer support from the beginning of the process to the end is a sure sign of professionalism. We offer in-house mold making. 

Another thing to look for when choosing a plastic injection mold maker is reputation. Considering customer reviews on service, knowledge, machinery, equipment, production, support, and communication can provide insight into how businesses either exceed or miss the mark on customer expectations. We have been expertly serving the community for two decades. 

Benefits of Using a U.S.-Based Mold Maker

Since the production process requires close work between the customer and the plastic injection mold maker, choosing a mold-maker based in the United States is a smart choice.  

Reviews and accounts that are based in the United States can be verified through business contacts and networks. Further, rectifying customer service matters or conducting emergency meetings can be done in similar time zones. Almost anywhere in the United States is just a short plane ride away if something happens in production that requires immediate attention. Our headquarters in Fraser, Michigan, is centrally located in the United States. 

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Choosing an injection mold maker that offers both expertise and in-house capabilities is integral for a seamless production process. A keen understanding of thermoplastic options and applications will provide necessary support during the design and prototyping phases. At Special Tool and Engineering, we specialize in design and tool manufacturing, make our plastic injection molds in-house and have been expertly satisfying customer requests and providing design and production process support for over 20 years.



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